April 12, 2023

Case Study on Web3 Advertising & Analytics

A Clipper, HypeLab, and ARCx Collaboration


As more of the world’s value is settled on-chain, crypto-native dApps and protocols need more efficient ways to reach their intended audience. Current methods like airdrops and social (e.g. Twitter) are ineffective and pose numerous challenges. Web3 advertising will be able to create a new category of paid acquisition that is more effective and measurable than previous solutions.

HypeLab, a web3 advertising network, and ARCx, a crypto-native analytics company, recently collaborated on a project to test the effectiveness of web3 ads in driving growth for Clipper, a leading decentralized exchange platform.


We hypothesized that HypeLab’s publisher network and ARCx’s data capabilities could help reach web3 audiences and drive growth for Clipper.

Clipper installed ARCx's analytics platform and used HypeLab's advertising solutions to run a targeted campaign for web3 users. HypeLab's team worked with Clipper to identify the ideal target audience, create compelling ad creatives, and develop a comprehensive user acquisition strategy with ads.

ARCx's analytics platform allowed Clipper to track and measure the success of their advertising campaign in real-time. Through ARCx's attribution and measurement tools, Clipper was able to see how many users clicked on their ads, how many users converted, and most importantly, the characteristics of the users who engaged with their ads.


HypeLab delivered ~1 million impressions of Clipper’s ads through its network and drove ~10k new visitors to Clipper’s site with an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 1.11%. The average wallet value of converted users was over $2,000 with an average wallet age of 480 days, suggesting that the acquired audience had both familiarity with crypto and capital to trade with.


Our experience working with Clipper revealed three key insights.

  1. Using a web3 ad network like HypeLab provided an easy and scalable way to generate top-of-the-funnel traffic for Clipper
  2. ARCx’s ability to decipher user characteristics based on on-chain activities helped us better understand our target customers
  3. The ability to reach true web3 audiences through HypeLab’s publisher network of highly-trafficked web3 sites generated high quality users and high CTRs

With these initial insights we have a starting point that allows us to iterate on more detailed, sophisticated, and effective experiments in the future.


The results of this project demonstrate the power and effectiveness of crypto-native advertising and analytics. By leveraging HypeLab's web3 ad network and ARCx's real-time analytics, we were able to drive growth for Clipper. Businesses looking to reach audiences within the crypto ecosystem can benefit significantly from web3 advertising and analytics solutions.

Clipper is an innovative DEX that allows users to earn sustainable, above-market returns and save fees on crypto swaps under $50k.

Reach out to HypeLab (partnerships@hypelab.com) and ARCx (hello@arcx.money) to learn more about how we can unlock your web3 growth strategies.