Not your average Web3 analytics.

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ARCx Analytics combines website & on-chain data, analyzing it so you can make the right decisions for the right users with the right data. All for $0/month.

Wallets ≠ users.

ARCx Analytics is the only Web3 analytics product that smart groups wallets into users, so you can make the important decisions based on accurate analytics.

You probably already use

but still have unanswered questions.

Current Web3 analytics solutions are plagued with data limitations and inaccuracies. This leads to frankensteined solutions of multiple platforms hacked together, a lack of data clarity and inconsistent business strategy.

Sound familiar?

Well, there are a lot of questions we can help you answer.

Not just questions like “how much was my trade volume today?” But also...

What marketing channels are my high quality users coming from?

How many actual users do I have given how many wallets have connected?

What proportion of users are using my app or directly interacting with my smart contracts on chain?

Meet some of the companies who are getting their questions answered.

They made the switch to comprehensive, accurate, and insightful data.

Build better marketing strategies and products with ARCx Analytics.

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This is just the beginning.

We have big plans – keep an eye out for these new features (and more) coming your way.

Industry benchmarks

Discover where you stand relative to industry averages.

Customizable dashboards

Make ARCx Analytics exactly what you need it to be.

Timely, actionable recommendations

Let ARCx do the heavy lifting and tell you what actions should be taken to increase conversion, engagement, and retention.

Community building tools

Specify on-chain user personas, create new custom audiences, and more.

Made by crypto natives, for crypto natives.

ARCx is designed and built by a team of people who all love to geek out on one particular thing – how accurate, comprehensible data can move us closer to decentralized identity becoming a reality.

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Supported by industry leaders.

Improve conversion.
Increase retention.
Discover your ideal user.

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