Unlock the power of crypto-native product analytics

We link website data & on-chain data together so you can see what's happening across the entire user journey to improve conversion, increase retention and engage more users.
Some of our early usage and traction
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Understand your users

  • Uncover what percentage of users are whales
  • Identify how experienced your user base is
  • Discover which chains users spend the most of their time on

Measure Engagement and Retention

  • Determine your new and active users
  • Understand how many page visits convert to a transaction
  • Trace the user journey and then optimise to increase bottom-line
  • Reveal the retention of users over selected time periods

Insightful User Attribution

  • Unearth where your high net-worth users come from.
  • Measure campaign performance while understanding the quality of users coming
  • Recognise which sources various users demographics come from
  • Measure campaign effectiveness

Made by crypto natives, for crypto natives.

Easy to Install

Unlock the power of end-to-end Analytics with one line of code on your front-end.

Auto Capture

Our SDK will automatically capture all wallet connects, transactions, page visits and button clicks.

Maintain Privacy

We maintain your users Privacy. No IP addresses are collected or personally identifiable information.