April 12, 2023

Unlock The Power of User Data

Connecting Web2 and Web3 data for crypto businesses

Some Context

As most crypto natives know, one of the unique characteristics of crypto is that it allows for pseudonymous transactions, meaning that the identity of the person behind a specific wallet address is not publicly known. This can make it difficult for crypto founders, marketers and businesses to understand their customer base, as traditional methods of tracking customer behaviour, such as cookies or IP addresses, are less effective. As a result, most crypto businesses turn to community building to understand their users, and although helpful, we still need to leverage the immense user data stored on the blockchain.

The Opportunity

This is where analytics that links web2 and web3 data can be extremely valuable. Web2 refers to the traditional web, where user data is collected through cookies and IP addresses. Web3 refers to the decentralized web, where data is collected through blockchain transactions. An analytics product that can link web2 and web3 data can help crypto businesses better understand their customers by connecting their online behaviour with their on-chain behaviour, enabling greater insight and unlocking a new wave of possibilities. Here are some examples of how this can benefit crypto businesses:

You'll be able to accurately track the performance of your marketing campaigns, which can help you understand which campaigns are driving the most transactions. This can help you optimize your campaigns and target the right audience. Additionally, you can calculate your true customer acquisition cost, which can help you understand the cost of acquiring new customers.

It will make understanding the percentage of page visits that convert to a transaction much more straightforward, which will help you understand the effectiveness of your website and identify any bottlenecks in the user experience; this will help you improve the user experience and increase engagement.

Also, you'd find the protocols your users use most often, which can help you understand which are most popular and which ones you should focus on. Additionally, you can understand the different categories of net worth and wallet ages that make up your users, which can help you target specific user segments.

Furthermore, you'd identify if your users are heavy DEX/NFT traders or if they prefer farming. You'll also be able to see which chains they spend most of their time on, which can help you understand your users' behaviour and what they are interested in.

The Solution

ARCx Analytics focuses on providing the data you need to understand your users and acquire more of them. We'll give you and your team the tools you need at no cost. One line of installation, no data scientists are required, and all your data is unified. So, if you're a Founder, Marketer or Growth Lead in Web3 and wish to take advantage of the opportunities above, visit our website arcx.money and sign up for the ARCx Analytics Beta. Again, it's $0 and super easy to install.